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Fabregas & Sanchez  [29.01.2014]

Fabregas & Sanchez  [29.01.2014]


Matteo, Ignazio Abate’s son.

"Who do you love more, mom or dad?"



I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way


Moyenne, Seychelles


Moyenne, Seychelles

Day 3. Malaysia 2014

so, the third day is good. i teach the kids, help them with their homework. spent my time in the office with Lalita. after i finish my job, i went to my room with nina. we came out in dinner time. when we came out, the kids ware praying before dinner. and i saw that guy, well, i thought he just in this shelter on weekend or when there’s no one take care of the boys. today Mr.Bala is in the shelter so i thought that guy don’t come but he did and have dinner with us.

we had fried noodle and chicken nugget as our dinner,i brought some sachets of indonesian chili sauce and give it to the kids who want to try. they like it but the little one who sat beside me said it’s one million more spicy than malaysian sauce.

after we took our diner, we went upstairs and do many things. i play with the kids, someof them attacked me, pull my hair, hit me, pinch me, pull my clothes and many things, we were running all around the house.

then i took some pics of the boys, until Nishal want to try to use my camera. i show him how to use it. he want to take a pic of Mr.Bala, we went into the office and i told Mr.Bala that Nishal want to take a pic of him. after he got the pic, Nishal want to take a pic of Peter, but that guy act like ughhhh.. idk how to say, he said no no and no, Mr.Bala asked him why he don’t want to do what Nishal ask, it’s just a simple thing. Peter pose but Nishal dont push the capture button -___- so i help him but Peter no longer in his pose. well at least the boy got what he want. when Nishal carried my cam with one little hand of him, i catch him and hugged him and ask him to give me the camera, i glance at Peter and he looked at me in “what i told you about that in your first day?!”-look.

i start thinking is he have a problem with me or what?! at first day he was so damn nice, second day he just like he won’t be in the same room with me, he talked to me and nina but won’t see my eyes when he talked to me, even he look at me, it just a glance, then he asked me to go out with some kids. third day, he talked to me then he like avoiding me, then he talked to me again. hell!

well, overall i’m tired bcs of the kids messing around with me and that guy put me in my bad mood.


Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 76, has returned home after a medical check-up at a hospital in Paris, state media reports.

He flew back earlier than scheduled because of an “overall improvement” in his health, the APS news agency reports.

Mr Bouteflika, who suffered a mini-stroke last year, was admitted to the French Val-de-Grace hospital on Monday.

Presidential elections are due to be held in Algeria in April.

The ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) has nominated him to run for a fourth term, but he has not yet accepted the nomination.

Last year, Mr Bouteflika received medical treatment in France for three months after suffering a mini-stroke.

His critics say he leads an authoritarian regime, and should hand power to a younger generation.

He became president in 1999 and is regarded as being among the last of a generation of leaders who fought in the 1954-1962 war of independence from France.

A leaked US diplomatic cable in 2007 suggested he might be suffering from terminal stomach cancer and in the last few years he has rarely appeared in public or travelled outside the capital.

Day 2. Malaysia 2014

i woke up and took a shower but when i finish, the kids already gone. so i took my breakfast with the rest of the kids and i met Mr.Krishna. he’s like the “discipline officer” in this shelter. after that, i play with the kids and i met Lalita, she’s the admin in the office. she told me to help a kid with his homework. after i help him, i spent my time in the library until a kid came to me and told me that he want me to went to the clinic with him and his friend. so i pick my stuff and we took a walk. the clinic is not too far.

when we went back, we met 2 kids, they just back from school. and then we took our lunch right after we arrived at the shelter. and i met Mr.Siva, he’s the founder and a Chinese Lady, i forgot her name, they ask me to help Lalita with some data update. after i finish it, i spent my day play with the kids, having chat with them, take some photos. when i’m with Amaran, he’s one of the teenager, Peter came and looking for him. so they go along in computer room, and me, back play with the kids.

then… this girls came, Ting Ru, she’s the Vice President of my program here and the other EP, her name is Azrina. she’s from the same country with me but different province. we’re became friends in a sec. it’s fun. well, the little kids come to me and Azrina, ask many things and 2 of them had fight, gosh! they kick each other, the fight stop when one of them press his fist on the other’s neck, i pull them away, told them that i will told Peter and i ask the older “is it normal for them to fight?” he said no, they just play. but when i told them what happened they talk to that kid. but,kids, they could play again like there’s nothing happen.

i just thought that Peter like avoiding me or something but i think i was wrong, he asked me to go out with him. we just go around the neighbourhood. when we back, i continue coloring a picture with one of the boy, while we having chat with the others, just us, the teenagers until Mr.Bala told us to sleep. I took a shower, the kids prepare to sleep and Peter go back home.

that’s my 2nd day in this internship. it’s fun and can’t wait for tomorrow.


Christian, il figlio di Paolo Maldini


Sienna Santon


Sienna Santon


Lucrezia, Ginevra e Julia Balzaretti





Arte de mierda.

That’s so cool

This guy is on a roll.


For something that literally translates to “Art of Shit,” this is pretty damn cool. 


Queen Rania of Jordan. her crown design is Arabic calligraphy.


Queen Rania of Jordan. her crown design is Arabic calligraphy.