story of my life

The One That Got Away - Katy Perry (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Chester See)

"summer after high school when we first met…
… talk about the future like we had a clue..
…never thought that one day i’d be losing you…
in another life, i would be your girl …”

when it’s dinner time at your place and your boyfriend just told you that he will take his lunch. well, it makes you realize that he’s miles away~

this old song… can’t stop listening to it..

"the day you went away" - M2M

did i lose my love to someone better

and does she love you like i do

you know i really really do

well hey.. so much i need to say

been lonely since the day, the day you went away

and we were letting go of something special

something we’ll never have again

i know, i guess i really really know

why do we never know what we’ve got til it’s gone

how could i carry on

the day you went away

cause i’ve been missing you so much i have to say



i think it’s insulting when a guy doesn’t believe that you watch football and then attempts to catch you out by asking you to name the players in your team


The world stands with Palestine.


Yesterday, above Ukraine, in the sky (South region) appeared the cloud that look like the Airplane…I believe that all innocent passengers of MH17 are on the Heaven now. Rest in peace…

well, i have to admit that.. it’s so sad when you just stop talking with someone who was very very very close to you and there were the days even months when both of you kept talking to each other all the time, no matter what the topics are, you just kept talking and sharing pictures and videos so you can share the moments with each other

everything has changed, people change no matter what they said. i think people will change though even they promise you that you will be friends and still be friends no matter what happens.

"I know people make promises all the time, then they turn right around and break them"

the person who used to be there for you, who used to wipe all your tears and cheer you up became the person who makes you stay up at night and thinking about those “what ifs” scenarios. bring you back to your memories with him. how wonderful it was, how happy you were, there were lot’s of laughs and smiles also dreams and promises. and sometimes the tears just came out because you just miss him but you are too afraid to text him because you don’t want to bother him and afraid face the awkward situation that will appears between you two

we can’t undo what happened in the past nor cancel what we said to each other and those confessions. but hey.. you know how much you mean to each other, didn’t you?

i’m sure it’s all just about time …

i wasn’t yours, you weren’t mine either but at least i know that i was there…

i wasn’t gave up but be realistic, leaves before i am left because i’m not a choice. but i’m here, and would not going anywhere, i’m still me, i just grew up be a tough and independent like you always want me to be because i’m not 5 anymore




Israel begins its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip

israel does not give a fuck. they will kill everyone incl journalists and not bat an eye bc they control this country

Israelis are murderers and American Zionists are accomplices to this barbaric butchery

Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via 13neighbors)



Une allée au jardin d’essai d’Alger. by albatros11 on Flickr.

Alger, Algerie


Alger, Algerie

milan, italy (requested)